Welcome to my page showcasing my books. I have 6 books ranging from action/adventure to epic fantasy, thriller and a contemporary fiction. I also have a photography book and a newly released poetry book.

Click the title of each book below to take you to a detailed page dedicated to that book. Each page also gives you direct links to find that book on the web for purchase either as a print copy or an eBook.

Thank you again for your interest in my work and I hope you enjoy what you read.

Capricorn Front CoverCAPRICORN:
A ruined city is overrun by criminals after a futuristic civil war, but one man fighting for justice discovers a young isolated woman and vows to rescue her when she is kidnapped.

Two unlikely heroes seek to gather an army to fend off invading barbarians, while also escaping the clutches of two vampire sisters who hunt them relentlessly.

Utopia Front CoverUTOPIA:
After 30 years in a coma, a lawyer awakes to find himself in a deceptively peaceful world without crime and strife. But when he uncovers a government conspiracy, his life and that of his chosen fiancé are jeopardized.

THE GLASS DEThe Glass Demon MON:
William Corgel can commune with departed spirits, but when his next case involves a demonic presence and possession he begins to doubt his expertise.

Days Gone By CoverDAYS GONE BY:
After the tragic death of his nephew Caleb develops Agoraphobia and becomes estranged from the rest of his family. Through a series of visitations past friends and deceased relatives attempt to help Caleb cope with the tragedy and to move on.

Final Full CoverAPOCALYPSIA:
Much of civilization lies in ruins after the mysterious happenings of a demonic uprising. In this post-apocalyptic world survivors must scavenge for supplies while taking up arms against demons, goblins, and even each other.

Heart of the Elements Front cover
This is a collection of 65 poems from Jerry’s young-adult years and some more recently. Jerry started writing poetry before he wrote stories and many of these poems inspired him to pen his novels. Included at the end of the book are two short stories written by Jerry J.C. Veit.



Faial is one of the nine islands that make up the Azores. The island is 11.3 miles (21 km) long and 7.5 miles (14 km) wide. Its closest neighboring island is Pico, 4.5 miles (8.3 km) away. This book contains photographs mainly concentrating on the island of Faial, but several of Pico are also included. Pictures taken from Monte da Guia and Espalamaca as well as the harbor in Horta and other views of the city prepares you for the journey to the Caldera, Capelinhos, Jardim Botânico (Botanical Gardens) and other landscapes. All photographs include the technical data for reference.

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