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Jerry was born on a spring night of 1983. His love of books started when his parents gifted him a box set of classic novels republished for kids. By fifth grade he was writing his own stories; a hobby which he continued off and on throughout middle and high school.

In 2008 he wrote his first novella, but quickly developed a passion for screenwriting. He entered several into contests and sent them out to literary agents. While the feedback was reassuring he was still unable to secure representation.

He eventually took the advice from one such agent and began adapting his scripts into book form in 2014 by merging the two writing styles of screenwriting and novels.

From fantasy based stories to contemporary fiction with character-driven plots; these are the books I like to write. My heroes are not perfect, they are flawed and the odds are stacked against them. I think these characters are the most engaging because we ourselves are flawed in various ways, so when we meet these “wounded soldiers” we want to see them rise up and succeed.

Click on the Books tab, at the top of the page, to check out each of my books in great detail; including a synopsis, trailer, review, preview, and book length, price, and where to buy.

My books can be found in print on Amazon.com and my storefront at Createspace.com. Check out my Books tab for direct links.

They are also available in ebook on Kindle, Nook and at Kobo.com.

Connect with me at the following links:

Amazon Author Central

Utopia Rose

The Glass Rose from UTOPIA.


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